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Website Management and Maintenance!

For website owners who need someone knowledgeable, efficient and reliable to manage and market their website, but do not want to add another person to your payroll.

Outsource your web site management to us and our Internet marketing and web design experts will manage your website for you. 

We will undertake your web page updating and editing, ongoing WWW marketing & promotion, email marketing, search engine optimisation and submission, and much more, for as little as $25 per month.....

Our web site management experts will give you help and advice on all subjects relevant to successful web site management, whenever you need it, to help you make a PROFIT from your website. We will also update the text and images on your pages as often as required within 24 hours of request. 

All for not much more than you are paying now to simply have your website hosted!

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'I should be getting more from my Website,
after all the money I've invested in it'. 

Sound familiar? Many website owners experience disappointment at the performance of their Websites.

There can be many reasons for lack of website performance, but here is the MAIN reason......

Business owners are experts in their business but they generally do not have time to make website changes or may not have the knowledge or software needed, so website management goes on the back burner or becomes something for the part-time help to work on... if they can figure it out. Those people are NOT generally Internet marketing/management experts.

Yes, maybe they can design an attractive, functional website, or maintain the business network, but few know all the things that will get your website banned from Search Engines.

If a website does not attract good numbers of TARGETED vistors from the search engines, or convert visitors into sales / leads / enquiries, it has little chance of being a profitable investment for it's owner. 

WebsiteDoc.com offers  web site management and maintenance, which will allow YOU to consult with our experts to help in website planning, promotion and management. 

Our experts can help you with:- 
  • development of an Internet Marketing and Promotion plan for your site
  • redesign and reconstruction of your website or
  • interface with your web page designers to ensure optimization of your pages for ease of navigation and speed of operation, plus
  • optimization of your whole website for better search engine rankings
  • establishment and maintenance of a links program to upgrade search engine rankings and increase traffic
  • establishment and maintenance of opt in email subscription programs to create an online customer database to take advantage of the Internet's #1 marketing tool, e-mail marketing
  • newsletter / ezine ad promotions
  • provision and maintenance of eCommerce shopping cart, facilities to your site, for either direct retail sales, or a wholesale ordering facility for your wholesale clients to order online
  • day to day updating and editing of information on your pages and associated online product data bases
  • planning and implementation of Internet ad campaigns - pay per click ads or ad placement

We will also undertake all the updating, editing and ongoing maintenance your site will need to become, and remain, a profitable asset to your business.
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